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How to use Whatsapp sender pro to place your business in front of millions 2019 [with proofs] works like magic

Whatsapp sender pro is what you  an online or offline business man like me should have in this 2019. Yes this is the best software I have seen so far.

I will be revealing a vital tool to enable you effectively promote your business on Whatsapp for FREE!

You see, Whatsapp has over 1.5 Billion monthly Users with up-to N10m+ business owners . Its personalized and direct messaging nature drives up opening rates and consequent high conversion for marketers.

When was the last time you ignored your whatsapp messages?

I guess you can’t remember because most people, like you and I, open whatsapp messages everyday.

It is this addictiveness and directness that makes whatsapp marketing to targeted audience very effective.

In this age, attention is the new money and that’s why Coca-cola, despite being a popular brand, still spends Billions of Naira in advertisement every year!

You can’t get new customers for your business if you can’t get people’s attention and no attention means no sustainable inflow which is terrible for any business.

The question now is how do you acquire new clients, make sales and at what cost per lead?

Whatsapp sender pro  presents the most direct and effective way of reaching your target market at NO COST.

Whatsapp sender pro

Yes, Whatsapp sender pro  will help you send bulk messages to millions of people on whatsapp for FREE and this can be repeated countless times still at NO COST.

This is what I have been using for my marketing since 2018 and it has saved me over N900,000 in marketing cost.

Are you Surprised? The Image below shows one of my friends who have have spent over N702,000 on nairaland.com Adverts alone – A platform he don’t even run adverts regularly.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-13 at 12.43.26 AM.jpeg

So when I say the software has saved  over N900,000, I am actually under-estimating.

See how to Set up a working PayPal account in Nigeria

No matter your budget, the software is FREE to use and will save you a lot of money while delivering great results!

What the Software does:

  1. It sends bulk messages to any list of whatsapp numbers for  free within few minutes. This can be done repeatedly still for free.
  2. It generates 200,000 Phone numbers in 1 minute!
  3. Once Installed and activated in your system, the software has no expiration or Limitations. I have been using mine for over 8 months now.
  4. You can customize messages inside the software to suit your taste.
  5. You can also customize sender Name and Images.
  6. It filters your list of numbers to remove fake and wrong phone numbers.
  7. You can sell the Software to people and make money!

I recently used this software to bag N50, 000 for my myself in one affiliate program Paysnation

And it was paid out to me instantly, screenshot below

Paysnation money

Lol you may say it’s small money, but it’s not the reason I made this amount is that I have some works doing and also am a student so I don’t fully participate in it, but yet I bagged N50k within a month

Just check this out have you ever wondered why MTN, BANKS and all this big top notch companies keep running advert for they business?

They understand what traffic means to them.  I can say here traffic is the major thing you need for your business. I’d you really want to be successful

If you are ready and serious to make sales and profit then I recommend this software for you.

How would you feel if you had the opportunity of sending promotional messages regarding your business to 200,000 Nigerians at one click right now for FREE?

Would it move your business forward?

Would it add value as you do it repeatedly still for FREE?

That’s why Whatsapp sender pro  Software is Ideal for your marketing.

It helps you remove the cost of marketing while delivering great results!

This software is relatively new and, with a small token, you can have it today for your marketing or to re-sell it to others!

Yes, the Software is premium and can easily save you cost and deliver effective marketing.

I bought mine at N30,000 last year and it has saved me over N900,000 in marketing cost.

Today, you have the rare privilige of getting Whatsapp Tribemaster Software for just N5000 only!

This is my friendship Gift to you and it is for first 20 people to make payment! 

After 20 buyers, it will go back to the original price of N30,000 and of course it is still worth more than that amount.

To get yours right now, simply transfer/pay N5,000 only to:

Zenith bank 

2213655433 –

Obed okwosi chichetaram .

After payment, Text or Whatsapp your email address to +2348168335855and your Full package will be sent to your email immediately.

You know what is very sweet about this offer???

  1. I will give you a list of over 76,000 phone numbers I use for my marketing for FREE.I usually sell this list for N15,000 but I will give it to the first 20 people to make payment for free.
  2. I will also add a demo video explaining how to use the software. This is to make things as easy as possible for you!
  3. If you purchase the software Today, I will give you another software that generates the Whatsapp sender pro activation keys! This means you can make Money by selling the software to other people and generating their activation keys!

Are you into

  • Affiliate marketing: that’s promoting peoples goods and services and after sale you get paid?
  • A blogger like me
  • you are into all this income programs in Nigeria
  • You want to make sales?
  • Want to show your business to millions In few minutes
  • Working offline or online etc

Then as I said earlier this post is for you. Some are looking for such Post to read this year but here you are lucky reading it

See what people are saying about the awesomeness of the Software:

Whatsapp sender pro

Whatsapp sender pro

Good Marketing is the secret of new customer acquisation and profit acceleration in business.

This software presents a rare opportunity to effectively market whatever you do to thousands of people for FREE and you shouldn’t miss it!

You can either make money using this software or selling it to people who need it for effective marketing.

You can get this software for N5000 right now OR pay N30,000 later to get it once 20 people buy it before you, the choice is yours!

Transfer N5000 only to:  Zenith bank  – 2213655433 – Obed okwosi chichetaram .

Text or Whatsapp your email address to +2348168335854 and your full package will be sent to your email.

I won’t only give you the software I will guide you step by step instructions on with vidoe tutorial

…To your Business Success,

I am Obed okwosi a  Nigeria blogger and also an affiliate marketer. I have been into blogging and making money online journey since 2018 and have as well from then make money online in Nigeria

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